Content Policy

Old Simo’s content policy promotes a  thriving and strong online community. It encourages commentary, debate and discussion. It’s great to see lively discussion full of passion and intensity. However, there are ground rules on participation to maintain a civil and respectful atmosphere. If you wish to participate in the Old Simo community, you are asked to follow the conteny policy detailed below:

  • If your comments are unsuitable you and your comments may be excluded.

Old Simo promotes a respectful and lively place for debate and discussion. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions regardless of their identity, race, religion, sexuality, gender, and ideology. Old Simo has no issue with members of the community challenging each other over issues as this is what debate and discussion is all about. However threats, vicious personal attacks, and obscene language directed at other members is not tolerated. Old Simo reserves the right remove these types of comments. Individuals who consistently or intentionally post these types of comments may lose their ability to comment, and be permanently excluded from the Old Simo community.

  • Be Yourself

Old Simo values everybody’s thoughts and opinions. Pretending to be someone you are not or trying to be agreeable and shying away from your true thoughts in order to avoid ruffling feathers is extremely annoying. The world is full of far too much political correctness and unnecessary niceties. Old Simo wants you to speak your mind, but also to refrain from participating in any of the activities mentioned in the first point of the content policy that are not allowed.