About Old Simo: Old Simo’s website blog is the latest and most unique voice to hit the Internet.  The world of blogging and online debate and discussion is in for a treat! The Old Simo online community is a free blog, which you will definitely want to be a part of!

Old Simo lives in Melbourne, Australia. He received his education from both RMIT University and Monash University. His studies consisted of Industrial law at RMIT, and marketing and communications at Monash.

His tastes and interests are broad covering film, music, literature, arts, politics, economics, social issues, travel, and fitness and well-being. Old Simo has spent a great deal of time travelling. Australia, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

He has worked in various fields including arts and entertainment, retail marketing in the fast moving consumer goods sector. Old Simo has run a successful boutique menswear fashion label.

There are many blogs reporting the standard latest news and celebrity gossip. There aren’t many that actually challenge, provoke thought, and value public opinion. Therefore, Old Simo decided to create his very own blogspot with his unique personal touch in order to bring a different perspective to the arena.

Old Simo feels he has a great deal to say to the people of the world. He wants to give people the chance to express their true thoughts, opinions, hopes and desires in a welcoming environment. Members will have the opportunity to get involved in debates and discussion, and possibly even friendship with other members of the Old Simo community.

Old Simo will set the discussion and debate topics. He will also be active in the forums and looks forward to talking with each and every one of you.

Old Simo will hold new discussions weekly that will cover the areas of local and world news, current affairs, entertainment news, and pop culture. Topics for debate and discussion will involve politics, economics, relationships, sex, and social issues.

Rntertainment and celebrity items will also be included. Reviews will also be on the agenda: Film, travel, books, TV, and product/services.

Challenging questions will often be asked, bold statements will often be made. Old Simo is not one to shy away from controversial issues and will often ask risqué questions.

Old Simo’s brand of truth has always been challenging, so get ready for something different and fun in the quest for answers and truth.

Want to know more about Old Simo? Contact him at oldsimo@oldsimo.com